Video Streaming of Funerals.

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Church Funeral Video

Video Streaming of Funerals.
Church, Crematorium and Graveside Ceremonies.

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Graveside Funeral Video

Video Streaming of Funerals.

COVID has brought a new realisation that private Video Streaming of Funerals. Friends and family can witness a funeral by having the Funeral Service filmed or streamed. It may be that some family members and friends are unable to attend due to ill health, living at a distance, or maybe overseas. Maybe you want a record of all the shared memories and tributes of the day as part of a celebration of a loved one’s life and accomplishments.

Whatever the reason, we provide a discrete view of the service that celebrates that person’s life.

We strongly believe that the art of Video Streaming of Funerals is about capturing the love, compassion, and generosity shown by those who attend.  It’s our job to capture those moments discreetly. Allowing families to watch the service online.

It is available to view as it takes place and remains open for viewing for three months, longer or shorter periods by arrangement. The video can also be downloaded for you to archive as you choose.

The funeral live stream captures the event as it happens from beginning to end. It may subsequently be edited to include material that was perhaps shown during the service.

Price starts at £175 for a single camera overview or £195 for a multicamera setup.

Tribute Videos.

We can assist by creating short videos for inclusion in the ceremony too. You supply us with the pictures and your choice of music, and we can turn it into a moving tribute to a loved one.  We have even done this for a person who knows their demise was imminent and wanted to send a message to those attending the funeral in person! We can arrange to record the audio or video. Maybe you can do this on your phone or camera, and we can then edit and assemble it to be played during the service. Example

Feel free to call and discuss your requirements without obligation, we are here to help.

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Some recent testimonials.

‘Just to say a big Thank You for the streaming of John’s Funeral. Relatives from across the world and also those who couldn’t be there in person watched the funeral and all agree it was brilliant to be able to watch it live. The family have also watched it back since and they liked it too.’
‘Thank You very much for making the service very beautiful. You did such a wonderful job. It took a lot of pressure off of us during this difficult time.’

This is in relation to a live stream in Manchester viewed by relatives in Lithuania.

‘Thanks for sending the recording to me as well. It is a lovely recording and very good quality.

Thank you so much for all you did. Hope to work with you again.’

‘A fitting and very special send-off for a very special man. It all came over so well on the live stream.

The family and I thank you so much for the amazing video you produced with Dorothy. It was very moving and you captured the very essence of her wonderful spirit.’